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We are pleased to announce that Hawley Realty, Inc. is now Hawley Realty Advisors, a subsidiary of Markward Group.

Markward Group and Hawley Realty Advisors Logos

The merging of Hawley Realty Advisors and Markward Group combines over 5 decades of real estate experience. We are confident that the new affiliation with Markward Group will continue the strong commitment to serve the real estate market in our region. Please visit for more information.

Customized Property Management

Hawley Realty, Inc. has taken on customizing property management to suite the needs of the property owner. Whether it is all inclusive, including all accounting, scheduling of repairs to the building, services audit, or just inspecting the building to ease the owner's mind, we are available to protect your asset and preserve your cash flow.

Site Selection Surveys

Through the process of screening multiple data sources coupled with an intimate knowledge of the markets we serve, Hawley Realty, Inc is able to produce a comprehensive list of available properties to prospective tenants/buyers based on their operational requirements. This list will consist of prequalified sites in the select regions.

Tenant Representation

Consulting Services

To sell the subject property in an expedient manner for as high a price as the market will bear. To reach out to the regional real estate community and government officials in the region to advise them of the availability of the property. To make a concerted effort to reach out to potential users of the property that could possibly purchase the facility directly from the seller. To reduce the costs of a sale transaction for the seller.

Market Value Analysis

Hawley Realty, Inc. will do a MVA for an owner that is interested in selling or leasing their property. We would inspect the property and then pull comparables to that property that will give us a better understanding of the market as to an asking price or competitive lease rate.

Lease Renegotiations

This increased demand for renegotiated leases has been pervasive throughout the country. The overall commercial real estate market has been soft. As a result, tenants are initiating discussions that will enable them to restructure their leasehold terms so that they are more beneficial to both parties involved. The potential advantages for the property owners which might make them receptive to lease renegotiation requests from their tenants are as follows.

The most successful lease renegotiations are based upon the positioning of specific financial goals for both tenant and landlord so that the end result is beneficial to all concerned.

Sales and Leasing

Whether you are looking to lease a 1,500 square foot vacancy, or find a site to develop a 250,000 square foot industrial complex, a discussion with a Hawley Realty, Inc. representative is a necessary and needed first step to initiate the process. Hawley has the market experience, personal attention, and expertise to represent tenants, buyers, landlords, and sellers with successful results.

We have a team of real estate professionals and a comprehensive marketing program that guarantees the properties we represent receive maximum exposure. Our strong market knowledge and attention to detail gives us the leverage to place every tenant in a space that will meet or exceed their needs.

Sub-lease Marketing Services

The key to a successful sublease project lies in innovation and effort. Hawley Realty, Inc. will focus on producing a creative sublease marketing plan that will achieve the financial and timing goals of our clients. We then ensure that all options are proactively explored. Subleasing is ideal for marketing space that may slip under the radar of brokers due to the space size or length of lease term.

Adaptive Re-use Analysis

Adaptive Reuse refers to a broad approach of modifying various aspects of a building to make it into a more up to date one. Older buildings from the industrial revolution, architects have the opportunity to change the primary function of the structure, while retaining some of the existing architectural details that make the building unique. In local communities, unused schools or Post Office buildings have been adapted for reuse as retail stores or offices. Hawley Realty,Inc. can assist the owner in changing the use of his building.

Adaptive reuse is seen as a key factor in land conservation and reducing the amount of sprawl. For those who prescribe to the smart growth, it is more efficient and environmentally responsible to redevelop older buildings closer to urban cores than it is to build new construction.